Worship Week 2021 – ‘The Good Shepherd’ and our special prayers

This year, Mrs Durbin planned a special week for the whole school based on ‘The parables told by Jesus’. Each class studied a different parable and then wrote their own prayers based on the message in the story. They also looked at the art of illuminated letters and decorated their prayers using these special letters to make books for the school to keep and use.

Each class also planned a short presentation for the rest of the school based on their parable and including elements of worship. The presentations were shared outside and very much enjoyed by everyone.

As a church school, our school vision is rooted in a Christian narrative, the story of the Good Shepherd (John 10) and The Parable of the Lost Sheep (Luke 15, Matthew 18). The story encapsulates perfectly what we think is special about our school — just as the Shepherd gives his all to secure the safety of every last sheep and help them thrive, so our staff give their all to create a safe, loving environment for every pupil, so they can fulfil their potential. We teach the children to identify with the sheep, and feel safe and unconditionally loved; but also to identify with the Shepherd, and appreciate how far each of us can be expected to go for the good of all. As part of this vision, each class also decorated a set of wooden sheep ready to display in the hall.

Every sheep has been decorated in a slightly different way to illustrate how everyone is special, different and equal.

Here are some of the prayers which were written by The Woodland Class for Worship Week.

Prayers were also written by children in The Mountains Class.