What have we learnt in Spring term 1?

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Great Rollright’s Got Talent!

Mountains class performed their sharing assembly today! Apart from the terrible puns (I apologise to anyone who had to endure those), the children put the assembly together themselves.

Here are our wonderful presenters, Ant and Dec! (aka Summer and Elodie)



First up was reading, presented by Eleanor, JJ and Summer.



We then listened to Harris, Martha and Fleur tell us all about what we’ve been doing in writing this term (plus a rather chaotic sing-along to ‘the semi-colon and colon song’!)



Matilda was next, demonstrating how to round using with the help of our ’rounding rap’, multiply decimals and divide by 2-digit numbers!



Martha and Ellie – our super scientists – talked us through how our circulatory system works (with the help of a few classmates!). They then showed off the advert the class had made with Mrs White about how to live a healthy life.


Next up was PE – with the help of Mia, Jenson, Pearl, Rosie and Martha, the school learnt about our lessons on seated volleyball.


We were then lucky to be visited by a Greek and a Trojan soldier, travelling into the future from a few thousand years ago! They told us how they battled in the Trojan war.


In the computing presentation, we were shown how to keep safe online.



Rosie and Pearl taught us about the different types of dress in Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism.


Then we heard Martha and Darcey talk about our art learning, in which we’ve used our knowledge of symmetry to draw the butterflies we’ve been reading about in The Island at the End of Everything. We learnt about ‘Austin’s butterfly’, which taught us about perseverance and how to use feedback to help us improve our drawings.


Finally, Tilly, William and Isla played us Hot Cross Buns on their instruments – they’ve been learning this with Mr Grey on Friday afternoons.


We can’t forget our judges, who critiqued the acts throughout – BOOOOOOO to Mr Sam Cowell!


And last, but not least, a huge thank you to William and Isla who helped put the presentation together and rang the laptop, speaker and projector very smoothly!


Have a fantastic half term everyone!