Tuesday at Hooke Court

After a good night’s sleep, the day began with a breakfast of cereal and beans on toast. Then there were room inspections where everyone proved they were able to be very tidy and organised – especially when there were ‘room points’ at stake!

The morning was spent learning about where our food comes from and how food miles can be reduced. There was then an opportunity for everyone to join in with some cooking. The class made, scones, strawberry jam, butter, bread rolls and two kinds of soup! When all of the cooking was done, the best part was tasting everything and appreciating what a good job we had done!

After lunch, the children collected windfall apples and went to feed the pigs.

The final part of the afternoon was a visit to a local diary farm where there were lots of calves to stroke and a chance to watch the herd being milked. Sadly it was a very wet afternoon and so after that everyone had to dry out!