TTRockstars Hall of Fame!

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Since the children are working so hard on their times tables (and we put an emphasis on how important it is to make progress against your own score rather than comparing final scores with each other), we thought it would be nice to celebrate individual achievements from TTRockstars. If your child beats their personal best on TTR and would like to share it on this blog, please email the office and I will add it here!

26/2/19: Jenson has beat his PB again, now scoring 52 in 1 minute – well done, Jenson 🙂

15/2/19: Jenson has already beat his new PB from yesterday to achieve 51!

15/2/19: Isla beat her PB of 43 to achieve 46 correctly answered TTs in 1 minute – well done, Isla! 🙂

14/2/19: First up – well done to Jenson who has beat his PB score to achieve 50 correctly answered TTs in 1 minute!