Trip to Finland May 2019

On Friday 17th May 2019, we set off for Heathrow airport to begin the annual trip to Vaasa in  Finland. 13 chidlren and 3 members of staff were very excited and keen to be off!

After an eventful journey, we finally arrived in Vaasa and settled into our new home!

On Saturday we went for a walk around Vaasa, did a little shopping, visited the Replot bridge and went to the archipelago islands for a speed boat tour and some fishing. It was a truly amazing day.

On Sunday we visited a local museum, went on a walk through the forest and across the Devil’s Boulder Field and then finished the day with a much anticipated trip to Tropiclandia.

On Monday we spent lots of time in school with our new finnish friends. In the afternoon we went shopping and then the children went home to a finnish family for tea.

On Tuesday we went to Stundars, an outdoor museum. Then we visited the ruins of old Vaasa and the local sculpture park. Sadly it was then time to leave and make the long journey home. It was a fantastic trip with wonderful children!