Totem Latamat 2021

On Tuesday 19th October, the Eco-Committee and Eco-Club went to visit the Totem Latamat at the Rollright Stones.

The 4.5m totem pole was carved from a single cedar tree by artist, Jun Tiburcio as a message from the Totonac people of Mexico. The totem pole carries the head of a man and the wings of an eagle and the title,  ‘Latamat’ means ‘life’ in Tutunaku.

The spiritual message, carried by the pole as it makes it way around the country towards Glasgow for the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, highlights the deep connections between all people and nature and calls for attention to be paid to the damage being done to the seas, land and air.

After the conference, the pole will be ceremonially returned to the Earth, emphasizing the cyclical and transient nature of life and art.

The Rollright children were able to study the Totem Pole, ask questions of the local experts and pose for photographs for the Chippy News. They finished the short visit with an opportunity to count the famous Rollright stones themselves!