The Rollright Eco-Brick Challenge!

On Thursday we were visited by a lady from the Co-op who came to launch an exciting new eco-project!

The Co-op are encouraging the local community to make ‘eco-bricks’ using 2 litre plastic bottles packed tightly with single-use plastic which cannot usually be recycled.

Each child now has an instruction sheet on how to make an eco-brick. When the brick is made, it should be brought into school where we can arrange for the bricks to be collected.

The bricks are being used to build a bench and a turkey shelter at Fairytale Farm, a local place which many of the children enjoy visiting. As a bonus, Co-op will donate £1.00 to our school for every filled bottle. This is a great way for us to earn some extra money for library resources so please encourage everyone you know to make bricks and send them into school (please don’t deliver them to Co-op yourselves or it won’t count towards our collection). If everyone managed to make 2 bottles then that would be nearly £200 which would be amazing!

EcoBrick Guide – click here for instructions