The Mountains Class go on a pilgrimage!

On Monday, 8th July, the children of The Mountains Class set off on a special day of pilgrimage.

The day began with a taught session in the pilgrimage galleries of the Ashmoleum. The children looked at artefacts and made deductions about the past. They were able to handle some of the objects which pilgrims would have used and they listened to a sound story of a pilgrim’s adventure.

After lunch, the class undertook a pilgrim’s journey from the musuem to Christ Church Cathedral. There were lots of wonderful historic sites to see along the route.

Once at the cathedral, the class was split into three groups. There was the chance to study the stained glass windows, an exploration of how the cathedral was built and then a reflective session where everyone was encouraged to see themselves as individual lights which shine in the school. The session finished with an indoor sparkler – a symbol of how our lights come together to glow brightly in our community. The Year Six children had the chance to reflect on their journey and contemplate their future pathways – a very apt final activity for the end of the primary experience.

A big thanks to Mrs Hare who accompanied us on the trip and the ‘Friends of Rollright’ who paid for the transport making the trip affordable for all.