At Great Rollright, we regularly re-visit our special bible story about ‘The Good Shepherd’ to ensure that everyone in our community understands it’s important place at the heart of our school.

The story of ‘The Good Shepherd’ is woven through our curriculum in everything we teach and it also gives us the example of how we should act and behave towards each other.

Our weekly ‘Gold Book’ awards also reflect the different aspects of the story and the qualities which we aim to foster in our children.

The qualities are –

Good shepherd as a learner

We believe that a Good Shepherd will have a deep understanding of the subjects of the National Curriculum; this knowledge will equip them with the necessary firm foundations to continue their life-long education.

Good shepherd as a friend

We believe that a Good Shepherd will love and take care of others;  they will build a strong sense of shared identity and belonging with respect for every individual.  This will be nurtured in an inclusive environment which promotes and celebrates diversity.

Good shepherd as a guide

We believe that a Good Shepherd, guided by a strong moral compass, will be a role model for others both in and beyond the school community.

Good shepherd as a protector

We believe that a Good Shepherd must tend to the land with a keen awareness of our impact on the environment, a respect for the world in all its glory and a vision for a sustainable future for all.

Good shepherd as a cultivator 

We believe that a Good Shepherd will acknowledge the importance of well-being. Our curriculum will equip them with the courage to persevere and a growth mindset to succeed.


In our most recent visit to the story, each class was encouraged to respond in a way which enabled them to show the relevance and importance of the qualities of the Good Shepherd.


The Mountains Class

The older children brainstormed each attribute of the Good Shepherd and then used their ideas to write about how these can be carried out every day.

Here are some of their reflections.

The Ocean Class

The children in Years 3 and 4 talked about the qualities and then looked at how they were able to apply them to their own lives.

The Woodland

The Woodland children wrote about how the Great Rollright family lives by the qualities of the Good Shepherd.

The Meadow

The youngest children in our school acted out the bible story and talked about how the shepherd was kind and caring to everyone.