‘The Friends of Rollright’ help us to upgrade our library!

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We are extremely grateful to ‘The Friends of Rollright’ who recently provided the funds for us to purchase £500 worth of new books for our school library. Over the past two years we have invested in updating our non-fiction books to support topic work across the school but it was time to make sure that our ‘reading for pleasure’ selections are as exciting and up-to-date as possible.

The funds allowed us to purchase twenty books for each class and these were expertly chosen by our friends at ‘The Bookwagon’ who read and personally recommend every book they sell.

The books will be delivered to the school library each week and will feature in our ‘New Books’ display. We have also recently upgraded the furniture in the library and created new zones for listening, reading comics and magazines, topic book research and fiction for all ages. There are two librarians from The Mountains Class, who applied for the job this term, who are keen to begin work in maintaining the library and sharing their love of books with everyone in the school.

One of our library displays is designed to explain how we celebrate and support the development of reading at Great Rollright. Do take a look next time you visit the school!