The first Great Rollright Bake-Off!

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During the Autumn term, the School Council asked if we could hold a Bake-Off competition at school. They were very persuasive and we decided that we would!

After the initial round of cookie baking for Children in Need, eight children were selected to take part in the competition and on Thursday afternoon they all independently baked a set of cookies ready for judging.

The competition was fierce, the smell was delicious and then after school came the all important decorating!

When the decorating was finished, Mrs Grundy was invited in to view and taste the finished entries although she didn’t know who had baked which ones to make it extra fair.

It was a very difficult decision to make but finally Mrs Grundy settled on some delicious Christmas tree biscuits from The Mountains and some star cookies from The Ocean. Everyone received a certificate for their great efforts and the winners also were presented with wooden ‘Star Baker’ mixing spoons.

Well done to everyone who took part – you were absolutely brilliant and it was a really fun afternoon (apart from all the washing up and the carpet!!).