At Great Rollright, sport, PE and physical exercise are an important part of life.


Our curriculum covers a broad range of skills and sports in order to equip our boys and girls with skills to be lifelong participants in physical activity. Each class enjoys two PE lessons a week. We teach a skills-based lesson which aims to equip each child with transferable skills that can be applied across any form of physical exercise or sport. The other lesson is focused on a sport, where the children implement the skills they have learnt, as well as learning tactics and strategies for that specific sport. Sports taught include football, hockey, netball, tag rugby, cricket and rounders, as well as gymnastics, dance and yoga. Key Stage 1 are lucky enough to be taught by a team of certified coaches each a week.

Each day, we all participate in the Daily Mile, a national initiative which allows self-paced jogging for 15 minutes. Not only does this bring fitness benefits, studies have found that the activity is also nourishing for cognition and wellbeing as well.


We have lots of opportunities to put these skills and sports into action at the events organised by the Chipping Norton Partnership Schools team. Here we can put our sporting skills into action in a competitive situation, whilst displaying our sportsmanship attitudes as well. We also enjoy intra school events too.


We have trained some of our Year 5 children as Play Leaders. They work very hard at lunchtime to make playtimes more fun by organising sporting activities