Skype call with Kiran Millwood Hargrave!

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Today, Kiran generously offered to Skype us for half an hour for free – we had a tense but exciting countdown until 11.00am! The children who wanted to ask a question introduced themselves, showed their work on the camera and then spoke to Kiran herself. She was lovely and we learnt lots of new information about The Island at the End of Everything and the author herself, including: if she could eat any food for the rest of her life, it would be dim sum; she has a cat named Luna; we’ve been pronouncing the characters’ names incorrectly this whole time!; her latest book is The Way Past Winter; Culion is a real island that she’d love to visit, but it’s always hurricane or monsoon season!; she would choose to live with Amihan over Nanay (as Nanay is quite strict); and much more!