Shrove Tuesday 2022

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On Tuesday 1st March, the whole school gathered outside in their house teams to run the traditional Rollright Pancake Race.

This year our race was widely celebrated across Oxfordshire as Orly and Maya from Year 6 both spoke on live on Radio Oxford to share the excitement of the day! Well done to them for being prepared to represent us in such a public way.

The race was very exciting and there was lots of cheering and clapping to encourage everyone as they ran. It was particularly lovely to see the older children running with the younger ones to offer encouragement.

The race was won by the Kestrels team who earnt 30 bonus house points for their team.

After the race, the children were given a special treat of carrot pancakes to enjoy. The pancakes were prepared at home by some of the staff and incorporated carrot as one of the ingredients as this week we celebrate carrots as part of the ‘Eat them to defeat them’ campaign. Many  of  the  children thoroughly enjoyed the pancakes and we have included a photograph of the recipe in case you would like to make them at home.

It was lovely to enjoy one of our longest traditions with the children – especially as we were able to mix the older and younger children together again after such a long separation!