Safer Internet Day – Tuesday 11th February 2020

Tuesday,11th February 2020 was this year’s Safer Internet Day.

During the day each class looked some of the important rules about using the internet safely.

The younger children watched a special Safer Internet Day video which was all about how to separate real life from what we see on the screen. They then had a discussion about the important rules. Some important comments were:

‘You should always ask your parents to see if you are allowed to go on the internet.’


‘Asking them questions won’t work because they might pretend they are someone you would like and they might be really old and not very nice.’


‘You mustn’t share passwords because then other people can get into your log and see things you don’t want them to see.’


The children also talked about the funny feeling which you get when something worries you and they realised that they should speak to a trusted adult. They also learnt that it is very important to take a break from playing computer games. This video can be found at

In Ocean Class the children made posters to summarise their learning about staying safe on the internet.

In The Mountains Class, they used the Safer Internet Day poem to inspire some cartoon writing on the dangers of the internet.

It is really important that we visit these issues regularly in school and at home to continue to make sure that we use the internet safely and wisely.