Roman Britain and Boudicca’s Rebellion

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In Ocean Class, we have spent the term learning about Roman Britain, and why the Celts, led by Boudicca, rebelled against the Roman rule.  We studied what life was like in Britain before the Romans arrived.  We looked at what it was like in Rome where the Romans initially came from.  We studied who Boudicca was, and what happened in her life that made her want to rebel against the Romans.  Finally, we learnt about how the Romans left a lasting (to this day!) legacy on British life.  The children loved exploring this topic, not only from a historical perspective, but also empathising with the Celts and how they might have felt about being invaded.  We also thought about whether the Roman rule brought benefit to British life.  Our class reading book was a story called ‘I was there: Boudicca’s Rebellion’ which provided a perfect narrative to help us really explore what life might have been like at the time.  Children have produced lots of pieces of work this term which they are very proud of.

We presented information about what it was like in a Celtic settlement using a range of presentation methods.

We found out about the motivations of the Roman leaders Julius Caesar and Claudius to consider why the Romans wanted to conquer Britain.

We learnt about the life of Queen Boudicca and how the Romans broke a promise to her husband and then humiliated her in front of her people.  She then rallied together other Iceni and fought back against the Romans, burning cities.  Eventually, they were beaten at the battle of Watling Street.

Finally, we discovered a lot of things that we still have in our life today were actually introduced to Britain by the Romans.


Finally, we created book reviews of the story we had enjoyed over the term.