Road safety signs arrive at school!

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The Eco-Committee have been working very hard on various aspects of road safety this year. They engaged the whole school in ‘Road safety awareness” week before Christmas and then decided to look at safety around the school site.

The committee spent time monitoring traffic and parking and spoke to the other pupils about their methods of travel. They then decided to write to the Parish Council to ask for their support in decreasing speed on the local roads and also to improve parking around the school.

The Parish Council were very interested to read about the work of the Eco-Committee. They were able to engage the School Travel department at Oxfordshire County Council who supported the campaign to add some signage at the front of the school.

Finally all of the hard work paid off and the new signs were delivered before half term.

The signs will be placed safely at the front of the school each day to help slow down passing traffic and encourage parents to make wise parking choices.

Well done to the Eco-Committe for their hard work in improving the safety of everyone.