Recycling at Rollright

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The Eco-Committee has now completed it’s very important action planning for the year. The first priority for our school is to improve our recycling facilities. So far we …


  • have introduced food recycling across the school
  • have organised ‘green’ waste recycling for our outdoor areas
  • have put special paper/card/plastic recycling collection points into each classroom
  • have collection boxes in each area for used plastic pens which are then sent to a recycling scheme
  • have a collection box for unwanted glasses which are then passed to Specsavers for recycling
  • have a used stamp collection box
  • collect used crisp packets and send them to a recycling scheme
  • have a used battery collection box which is taken regularly to the recycling point
  • have held a ‘shoeshare’ collection for Unicef
  • have a clothes recycling scheme organised for January 2020

    If you know of any other recycling schemes which the school might be able to become involved with, then please do let us know.