Rainforest Critter Visit

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Meadow and Woodland children hugely enjoyed their visit from the rainforest critters this week. They listened very attentively and asked interesting questions about the many creatures they met.
The workshop began with a bumblebee millipede and a colossobolus giganteus millipede that are native to Madagascar. The children were tickled by the colossobolus giganteus millipede going to the loo, half way through his showing! Sadly, due to covid, we could not hold these insects.
Next, they saw a number of different stick insects and saw how they camouflage themselves into their preferred habitats. These insects are herbivores and have a range of defence mechanisms, such as incredibly sharp spines covering their body.
Next up…the tarantula’s! A mixed reaction from the audience, but all the children were amazed (and a little freaked out) by the exoskeletons they shed from time to time. With a close up camera, we saw the fangs they use to attack other animals.
Lastly, the snakes! We met two different snakes, with every child having an opportunity to hold the python. For many, this was the first time they have handled a snake. With much anticipation in the room, the children calmly and confidently took their place to hold this impressive reptile.
We all learnt a lot and really enjoyed the morning. If you would like to look at the animals with your child and find out more, the website to visit is https://jonathansjungleroadshow.co.uk/meet-the-animals/ 
We whole heartedly thank the Friends for funding this wonderful experience.
(Photos on their way).