Play auditions

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After half term, you will be able to audition for a part in our play, Shakespeare Rocks.

In the play, there are 27 speaking parts, ranging from 1 – 48 lines. Two of the roles will have singing solos (these each have approx. 12 spoken lines) and two have rapping solos (these each have approx. 16 spoken lines).

The auditions will be in front of me, Mrs Young and the rest of Mountain class on Tuesday 4th June (the first day back after half-term). To audition, you will need to practise the lines in the excerpt of the script I give you. You can either practise one part (and I will read the other lines during the audition) or audition in a pair/small group. If you would like a singing or rapping solo, you must choose a song you would like to perform alongside your audition (you could perform this either a Capella or with a YouTube backing track that I can load on my laptop).

When assigning parts, priority will be given to those who have auditioned. Most of the characters in the play could be either male or female, but some of the traditionally male characters may have to be acted by girls and vice versa, depending on the auditions!

Let me know if you have any questions – and good luck!

Miss Bartlett