We have two representatives from The Woodland and The Mountains Class and three representatives from The Ocean on our School Council this year. They are elected in September each year and meet at least every two weeks with the Headteacher to plan fund raising for charities, bring issues from their peers to the attention of the headteacher and then they report back to their classmates. They also meet with the Governing Body regularly. The first projects for this school year are Jeans for Genes, Christmas Jumper day and Children in Need.

Eco-School Committee

Mrs Young leads the Eco- School Committee and they have developed an action plan to enable our school to become more Eco friendly and to improve our outdoor environment. This year they are keen to develop the school gardens, plant a wildflower garden and improve our school recycling. Their plans include recycling pens, crisp packets and batteries as well as running a shoe recycling scheme to raise money for UNICEF.