Ocean Class Trip – Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum

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Ocean Class had a wonderful trip to the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum in Woodstock.  The museum kindly subsidised this trip to make it affordable for us to go, for which we are hugely grateful.

In class, we have been learning about how WW2 affected life in Great Rollright.  This trip perfectly complimented this learning as it allowed us to handle a range of real and replica artefacts connected to life on the Home Front.  This was really exciting and allowed us to see some of the things we had been learning about in class.

We also enjoyed some free time to explore the gallery and the many interactive exhibits on display.

We were also able to go inside an Anderson Shelter which really helped us to understand what it might have been like to use one during the war.

“The Anderson shelter was really interesting.  There was a radio that made the sounds that there were in the war between Britain and Germany.”

“I liked wearing the pilot hat.  It was also interesting to use the headphones and listen to different things from during the war.”

“I really enjoyed exploring the museum, and particularly liked seeing all the weapons.”

“I enjoyed handling the artefacts like the helmet, lamps, bell, whistle and gas mask.”