National Poetry Day

On Thursday 1st October, we celebrated National Poetry Day!

Meadow class learnt and recited 10 Little Pirates.


Listen to Woodland recite the poem I Can Count.


Ocean class wrote some acrostic poems about harvest.


Mountain class wrote some poems based on Christina Rossetti’s poem What is Pink?

What is red? by Cleo, year 5

What is red? An apple is red
Lying in its leafy green bed
What is white? A swan is white
Swimming in the inky night.
What is blue? A starling is blue
Landing in the morning dew.
What is pink? A sunset sky is pink
As the birds fly past with a wink.
What is orange? A wasp is orange
Flying off in search of an orange.
What is yellow? The early grass is yellow
As I walk across it’s all so mellow
What is green? A pear is green
While I walk past it’s a beautiful scene.
What is purple a plum is purple
This one was eaten by Myrtle.
What is black? A winter’s night is black
As the world sleeps in the inky sack.
What is brown? Chocolate is brown
As it slides through my throat it goes down down.


Our Rainbow by Isabelle, year 6

What is green? Grass is green as it fills the earth’s seam.
What is red? Blood is red, ruby red as the soldiers lie dead.
What is grey? Gone is grey as storm clouds play.
What is blue? Sadness is blue as morning dew flows through.
What is black? Evil is black crow is black as it feasts on what we might never get back.
What is yellow? Fire is yellow as the trees come down, never calm, never mellow.
What is teal? Toxic is teal as it seals the fate of the sky.
What is brown? Plastic is brown left in the ground and it never breaks down.
What is white? Clouds are white ice is white not much left it’s way too bright.
What is orange? Nectar is orange sweet sweet honey all runny make it for money.
What is purple? Coral is purple which is dying along with the turtles.
What is silver? Metal is silver used in machinery to deliver aid to the world.
What is gold? Gold is life gold is health gold is money gold is wealth.
What is pink? Pink is love it is the world on the brink of healing you’ll miss it if you blink
What is a rainbow? It’s our love, our health, our nature and it’s spirit. It is hope for the world.


What is blue? by Seb, year 5

What is blue? the sky is blue where the birds fly though.
What is brown? wood is brown as we sip our coffees down.
What is green? swamps are green not a nice scene.
What is white? snow is white what a lovely sight.
What is grey? my shoes are grey on a summer’s day.
What is gold? medals are gold but they can be cold.