National Outdoor Classroom Day 2020

Last week, the 5th November was National Outdoor Classroom Day – a day designed to help us all remember that learning outside engages and excites children whatever their age. It’s importance in improving children’s’ health, wellbeing and happiness is well known and therefore we decided to celebrate the day with some special outdoor activities.

The Mountains Class used the local environment to complete some mapping and measuring activities.

The Ocean Class considered the school environment as a place of safety or danger for small creatures and made homes for some of them.

The Meadow and Woodland children split into house teams to go on a treasure hunt. They were scavenging for the smoothest thing, the roughest thing, the longest thing, the shortest thing, and the most interesting thing they could find. Such interesting items were collected and then organised into size order.  The children really enjoyed this time of observation and discussion in the beautiful sunshine. The Year 1s and 2s also learnt a winter poem by Jack Prelutsky. They used their senses to identify how we can recognise how the season is changing. There was even time to make some leaf art using shadows as it was such a lovely autumn day.

Here are some of the younger children making leaf crowns and leaf silhouettes.

Everyone agreed that outdoor learning is fun!