Name a gosling competition!

Mrs Keene has recently hatched 2 goslings (baby geese) and is now looking to name them.

To see some videos of the goslings visit this page.


These two fluffy balls of delight each need a name.  So we are challenging you to think up a great gosling name!


To enter the competition, send your class teacher a drawing/painting of a gosling, and write your suggestion for a name for it beneath.  Each child may only enter once.


There will be 2 winners selected at random (pulled out a hat).  One winner will be from Ocean and Mountain class, and the other will be from Meadow and Woodland class.


We also welcome entries from younger brothers and sisters as well if they would like to join in.  They will be added to the name draw for the Meadow and Woodland class.


To enter, send your drawing and name suggestion to your child’s class teacher either using their @great-rollright email or through Purple Mash no later than Sunday 17th May.  The winners will be announced on Monday 18th May at the end of the school day.