Mountains home learning: Summer term Week 1

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This term, I will be posting an overview of the week’s optional activities every week rather than posting a daily list of tasks. The children will still be emailed a reminder of the activities each day on Purple Mash, where I will be available online as usual from 8.45am – 3.15pm every weekday.

Reading English Maths PE Other
M Read your book for 30 minutes then email me on Purple Mash to tell me about anything you have read over Easter – were there any books you had to stop reading because you weren’t enjoying it? Were there any you really liked? This week we are going to use the ‘Talk for Writing Home-school booklet’ for our writing lessons! If you can print it off it will help, but you can do all the activities from the computer screen, too. Our writing project this week is called ‘Doors – the world of possibility’ and it finishes with you writing your own story on Friday! View and/or download the booklet here. You could complete the work for this project either by handwriting it (and sending me photos if you like), or creating your own new blog on Purple Mash – each day, you could make a new post with that day’s writing activities!

Today’s task is to complete activities 1 and 2 from the booklet (on pages 2-5).

I’m not going to be giving you anything new in maths this term as I’m not there to teach you! We will therefore be recapping and revising maths topics that we have learnt together from September.

Today’s revision lesson is on reading and writing numbers. Complete this ‘Numbers to 10 million’ worksheet. Answers included here – only look when you’ve done!

Challenge: Have a go at the ‘Cross Number puzzle’ at the bottom of this post – you have to work out where to place the numbers. It’s quite tricky!

Joe Wicks (live at 9am or choose an old video!) Art: Look at p6 of your ‘Talk for Writing’ booklet – complete the artistic challenge in activity 3.
Tu Complete activity 5 on p8 from your ‘Talk for Writing’ booklet. It’s based around a poem called ‘The Door’. Today’s writing task is to complete activity 4 about idioms (p7 of your writing booklet) – can you remember what these are? We learnt about them not long ago!

As this is a short activity, you could also find this week’s spellings on Spelling Shed and practise them: Year 5, type in Y5Sum1-1; Year 6, type in Y6Sum1-1.

Today’s revision lesson is on comparing and ordering numbers. This will be on LbQ – I shall email you the code on the day. Joe Wicks (live at 9am or choose an old video!) Science: How much can you remember about the solar system? Click here: watch the 3 videos and have a go at the 3 activities.


W Complete activity 6 (on p9 from your ‘Talk for Writing’ booklet). It’s a short reading comprehension. Complete activity 7: “grammar and sentence work” (pages 10-11 of your booklet). Today’s revision lesson is on rounding numbers. This will be on LbQ – I shall email you the code on the day. Choose a 10-minute Disney themed ‘Shake Up’ game from this website! Computing: Continue working through If I haven’t made you an account yet, let me know and I’ll send you your log-in.

Art: Use objects from outside or around your house to create a drawing – see pictures at the bottom for inspiration!

Th Read your book for 30 mins. Write a short summary of what the book has been about so far (no more than 5 sentences!) Complete activity 8: “through the eyes of a character” (pages 12-13). Today’s revision lesson is on negative numbers. This will be on LbQ – I shall email you the code on the day. #ThisIsPE – watch this video about coordination with ball skills and try out some of the games! French: Continue working through Duolingo. I sent your log-ins before Easter, but if you’ve forgotten, let me know and I’ll resend it.

Art: Try this ‘Texture Treasure Hunt’ lesson – watch the video and then complete the activity! You will need a pencil and some paper.

F Read your book for 30 mins. Complete activities 9-10: planning and writing your own portal story (pages 14-16). This might take a little longer than the other writing activities this week so I’ve made all your other optional tasks shorter today! Play 10 games on TTRockstars. For an extra challenge, try the two number problems on this worksheet. Joe Wicks Art: Draw with Rob Biddulph – watch this video and draw your self-portrait 😊


Wednesday’s art:

Monday’s maths challenge: