Monday at Hooke Court – The Mountains Class

On Monday 27th September, The Mountains Class, accompanied by Miss Bartlett, Mrs Clements and Miss Hastings, set off for Hooke Court in Dorset for a five day residential trip.

It was a long way but the coach stopped for a break at the services so everyone enjoyed their picnic.

When the coach arrived at Hooke Court, everyone left their suitcases at the accommodation and went straight off to tackle the Low Ropes Assault Course. It was really challenging and needed lots of good team work! There was also an opportunity to learn the skills of orienteering with teams dashing around all over the place collecting letters and breaking the code.

After a dinner of spaghetti bolognaise and apple crumble, it was time for an evening of team challenges in the dark.

Everyone was very tired after such a busy day and, by the time it was ‘lights out’, all of the children (and adults) were ready to go to sleep.