Learning to care as a ‘Good Shepherd’

Last week, all of the classes spent a day working on the values of being a ‘good shepherd’. This biblical story sits at our foundation and reflects our core purpose in caring for others, doing our best and ensuring that no one is left out.

The day began with a wonderful retelling of the story of ‘The lost sheep’ by Rev. Janet. The children know the story very well and enjoyed participating in a rhyming version with actions.

The Meadow Class

After listening to the story of ‘The Lost Sheep’, the youngest children enjoyed an afternoon of ‘godly play’. This involved recreating the story with props and figures and having the chance to retell and re-enact the story for themselves. They also listened to the story of ‘The Good Samaritan’. They learnt some songs about being thankful and also explored all of the people who can help us when we are in trouble. The children presented their learning for the whole school in our special sharing assembly.

The Woodland Class

The Woodland Class focused their learning on the story of ‘The Creation’ from the Bible. They used their ‘shepherd’s eyes’ to look at the world, their ‘shepherd’s heart’ to feel sad about the way that God’s wonderful creation is being spoilt and their ‘shepherd’s footsteps’ to come up with some practical ways in which they could work towards undoing some of the damage.

The Ocean Class

The Ocean Class shared the story, ‘The feeding of the five thousand’. They discussed the problems of food poverty using the ‘good shepherd’ analogy to look, feel and reflect on what needs to change in our society.

As a result of their work, some of the children felt so strongly about the issue that they asked if they could arrange a class foodbank donation appeal and wrote to their parents to request some donations for the church food collection box. Here we see real evidence of the action which can result after such powerful reflection.

The Mountains Class

The children in The Mountains studied the story of ‘The Good Samaritan’ and this led into a discussion about homelessness. The children quickly realised that homelessness is a very complex issue and involves all kinds of people for many different reasons. Using the ‘good shepherd’s’ way of thinking, the children discussed ways that they could move forward with a new sense of compassion for homeless people.

All of the children shared their learning in a special assembly so that their work could be appreciated and understood by the rest of the class.

This work reflects our intentions as set out in our Spirituality Policy. This can be found in the ‘Worship and Spirituality’ section of the school website.