Last day at Hooke Court

Friday dawned bright and sunny although the Rollright crew were a little bleary after a fire alarm glitch saw everyone outside in their pyjamas at 2.30 am. Although we knew there wasn’t a real fire, we took it as an opportunity to re-enforce the fire drill training we do at school every term and as a chance for staff to look at evacuation procedures on residential visits for the future.

After a lovely final breakfast, the prizes for the best room were awarded and everyone went off to make and launch some very special rockets.

It took about four hours to drive back to Great Rollright where everyone was delivered safely back to their families.

Trips like these contribute an enormous amount to children’s self-confidence and independence and although everyone was exhausted, it really felt like some terrific learning had taken place during the week. My sincere thanks go to Miss Bartlett and Mrs Clements for giving their time to enable the trip to take place and to the staff of Hooke Court who looked after us extremely well.