Ocean Home and School Learning Resources

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In Ocean this term, there is a small group of key worker children attending school, but the majority of the children will continue their learning from home.  We want to ensure we are providing the same opportunities for all children so we are sharing the resources for what will be done in school with the children at home, so that everyone can access the same work. However, there might be some differences as to what can be completed in school and what can be completed at home.

For children at home, it is up to your families what works best: how much of this work to access and when to work.  We have taken the most popular and beneficial tasks from last term, and added some additional tasks as we start to structure the day in a more similar pattern to a typical school day.  We do not expect children to complete all the set tasks.  They should select from them those that they feel will be most beneficial to them.

Also, the Teachers will be supporting children in school so won’t be as responsive to your emails and to marking your work – so please be patient with us.

The timetable that we follow in school will vary, as we are aware our children like variety, but below is an example of the types of tasks that might be undertaken and when.

Below the timetable are links to the resources for each subject that children will need each week. These links are put into the 2dos that are set for the children. MAKE SURE that your children at home reads the email before undertaking the 2dos.

Session 1 Handwriting – worksheet

Spelling e.g. PMash game, Spelling Shed

Daily Mile
Session 2 Maths:

  • 10 Daily Arithmetic Questions
  • TTRockstars
  • White Rose Video + Worksheet
  • Learning by Questions
Break Time
Session 3 English:

  • Talk for Writing Booklet
  • Creative Writing Picture Prompt
  • Non-fiction writing
  • Grammar or vocabulary activities
Lunch Time
Session 4 Adult Reading Aloud – The Ickabog
Session 5 Creative or Topic Task

  • Picture response to the Ickabog
  • Art / Design tasks
  • Science activities
  • Geography activities
  • French activities
Session 6 Independent Reading    or    Reading Comprehension





Writing – Year 3 and 4

Reading – The Ickabog

Creative Tasks