We believe that wearing school uniform adds to our strong sense of identity. We are members of a team and our uniform is the “team strip”. We wear red sweatshirts with/without the school bee logo on and under that we wear either white or red polo shirts. Navy blue, black or grey trousers, pinafore dresses or skirts are worn. The children must have a pair of indoor shoes to change into so we can keep our school clean and tidy. Each child also needs a pair of trainers for outdoor P.E. lessons and most of the children also have wellington boots in school so they can be outdoors whatever the weather!

Basic list

  • Red sweatshirt or cardigan with/without the Great Rollright School logo on – unbranded items are equally acceptable
  • Red or white polo shirt with/without the school logo on – unbranded items are equally acceptable
  • Grey, black or navy blue trousers (NOT sports trousers or jeans please) or a pinafore dress or skirt (jogging bottoms may be worn only by children in Meadow Class if they are struggling to manage the fastenings on trousers)
  • A pair of sturdy outdoor shoes or Wellingtons but no trainers as school shoes please
  • A pair of indoor shoes
  • Summer dresses – red and white check
  • Shorts – grey, black or navy blue

P.E. Kit

  • Plain black, grey or blue shorts
  • A red/white T shirt (branded or plain)
  • Joggers and a plain red, blue, black or grey sweatshirt for outdoor PE when it is colder
  • Trainers for outdoor P.E.


These rules have been agreed by the School Council and shared with everyone in school.

  1. If you have your ears pierced, you may only wear studs/flat earrings to school and these must be removed for PE and swimming. If you cannot remove them because they are new then you should bring plasters to cover them over for this period. It is important that you can remove your own earrings; if you cannot please ask an adult to remove them for you at home on PE days. If you are still wearing earrings at the start of a PE lesson you will be asked to watch and not participate.
  2. Watches can be worn but please do not wear smart watches as they are a distraction in lessons.
  3. Rings and necklaces are not allowed.
  4. A single friendship bracelet (made of soft material) can be worn by children in Ocean and Mountains classes.

If you break a jewellery rule, then you will be asked to remove the item and take it home.

Points to remember:

  • In Key Stage 1, your child must bring all PE kit to school on a Monday each week and we will send it home every Friday.
  • In Key Stage 2, your child will be told which days they will have PE and kit can be worn to school on those days.
  • Children may not wear flip flops or open toed sandals to school. Trainers are not school shoes.
  • Children need a coat in school if there is any chance of rain and when it is cold as we go outside in wet and cold weather.
  • Nail polish is not permitted.
  • Sun hats and sunglasses can be brought when the weather is very sunny and these may be worn outside only.
  • We discourage children from tying their jumpers around their waist.
  • We often have large amounts of second hand uniform which is sold for a small donation via our fundraising group ‘The Friends of Rollright’. Please enquire if you are looking for anything.



Online ordering of school uniform.

You can order and pay for labelled school uniform online.  

The website link is –