All children within the school are valued as individuals. The work is planned across the curriculum to match as closely as possible the needs of each child.

Children with special educational needs are identified early, supported appropriately, and their needs are reviewed regularly. The Code of Practice for Special Educational Needs lays down a clear framework to aid the identification and support of these needs. Parents and teachers work together in partnership and parents are closely involved in the review process and are advised of ways to support and help their child or children. The school is committed to maximising the potential and personal development of each child, to nurturing particular abilities and supporting and overcoming any difficulties. Similarly, the school aims to meet the needs of very able children through differentiated provision of learning.

The Governing Body’s SEND policy is implemented at all times and the school adopted the 2014 revised SEN Code of Practice ( and its more recent updates). The role of special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO) is carried out by Mrs Tracy Grundy.

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