Great Rollright Primary School owns a minibus which is run on a daily basis to bring children to school from Chipping Norton and take them home again. We receive no support from the Local Authority for our bus, however, in the present financial climate, we understand that parents have many calls upon their money, and so our bus to and from school is free.

Our bus is driven by Jo Keene and children may be collected on one of three routes around Chipping Norton. If they arrive at school on the first bus run they are looked after in our before school childcare. If they travel home on the second or third bus run, once again they will be cared for by our child care set up. Miss King in the school office liaises with parents about the use of the bus on a daily basis. The Finance Committee of The Governing Body of the school manage the minibus and can always be contacted through the school office. We expect high standards of behaviour on our bus!

We also use our bus frequently to take children out and about on trips.