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Autumn 2020 Oxfordshire Menu

Our school meals are provided by Oxfordshire County Council. The three-week rolling menu changes twice each academic year and is carefully planned to meet all the guidelines for healthy eating in schools. The meals are prepared and cooked every day in the kitchen by our own cook, using fresh ingredients which are delivered straight to school. You can find a copy of the menu on our website or you can request a paper copy from the school office.

The menu always has a variety of choices including a vegetarian option. Every morning, as part of the register, the children are reminded of the day’s choices and asked what they would like to order. This information is then sent to the kitchen so that the correct food can be cooked.

At lunchtime the children receive the lunch they ordered including their choice of vegetables and are always encouraged to choose extra items from the salad bar. Our policy is to encourage all children to eat their lunch and to try everything on offer. However, we will not force a child to eat but will instead let you know if there has been a problem with the choice.

It works well if you discuss the menu with your child at home to help them make the best choice. If they struggle to remember what’s been chosen you can also let us know in the morning so that we have the correct information.