Being able to read is the most important skill a student will learn. Reading has far reaching implications for lifelong confidence and well-being. We are aware that learning to read is challenging for some children, although many learn very quickly. An independent review of reading undertaken by the government concluded that,

“High quality phonic work should be the prime means for teaching students to read.”
Sir Jim Rose, The Rose Review of Reading 2006.

With this in mind, we launched Read, Write Inc. at Great Rollright in September 2016. Read, Write Inc. is a synthetic phonic program that provides a systematic approach to teaching reading, writing and spelling. Read, Write Inc. is fully compatible with the broad and rich curriculum available at Great Rollright School. It has improved the learning in phonics enormously!

We agree with the creator of Read, Write Inc. that,

“Reading is the most important skill students must master at school – it is the necessary condition for all learning.”
Ruth Miskin

Read, Write Inc. gives us:

  • Systematic, structured teaching
  • Using simultaneous visual, auditory and kinaesthetic processes
  • Clear importance of speaking and listening
  • Encouragement of collaborative working
  • Clear role for parents/carers

To learn more about Read, Write Inc. you can visit their website at:

To read our statement on the teaching of reading and phonics at Great Rollright, please click here How we teach reading