We believe it is essential that children understand mathematical processes, concepts and skills. A positive, enthusiastic attitude is encouraged by presenting the subject in an exciting, relevant and enjoyable way, allowing the children to actively participate in the learning process, thus creating a sense of achievement and confidence. There is a strong emphasis on mental arithmetic and giving pupils opportunities to apply skills to real life situations.

Please click here to read more about how we teach Mathematics at Great Rollright School.  – How we teach Maths

In Maths, we are use the Inspire scheme of learning From Year 1 – Y4, currently.  As part of this, there are home learning activities which you can complete with your child to support the learning we do in class.  Please remember that this booklet contains activities for the whole school year, so your child may not have encountered the learning required for them yet. They are published sequentially, so starting from the beginning of the booklet is a great place to start. Ask your child or their teacher which activities to try if you aren’t sure.