House Captain Elections 2022

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This week has been a very exciting one for The Mountains Class. They have been busy participating in the democratic election process to become this year’s House Captains and Vice-Captains.

The candidates prepared speeches which were delivered to all of the key stage 2 children and then a secret ballot was held.

Compelling statements included –

  • ‘ I would treat everyone fairly and put the team needs before my own’
  • ‘I’d look forward to helping with the little ones and ensuring that they settle into this lovely school feeling happy and confident’
  • ‘I am very organised to get jobs done in a good amount of time’
  • ‘I really care about how everyone is feeling and I always try my hardest to make sure people are happy
  • ‘I would look forward to helping organise school events and represent my house when talking to parents, teachers and governors’
  • ‘I am good at listening and someone you could come and talk to at any time if you had a problem or were upset about something’

    After all of the votes were counted, everyone was eager to find out who would be in charge! We hope that our new leaders enjoy their positions of responsibility and live up to their wonderful pledges!