Hooke Court – Tuesday June 2024

After a good night’s sleep for most, the day dawned bright and sunny. Breakfast was early – 7.30am in fact!

After bowls of cereal and beans on toast, the rooms prepared for their morning inspection. Each room presented their tidy beds and hoped to get lots of points for the reward chart and they certainly did as the rooms looked great.

The class was then split into three groups and over the day everyone got to go kayaking, learn the skill of archery and go orienteering. It was all great fun! At the end of each kayaking session, the children were also allowed to jump into the lake – many took the chance despite the fact it was cold and muddy!!

Here are some of the kayakers and archers in action!

In the evening there were songs and jokes around the campfire before showers and hot chocolate and bedtime. What a busy day!