Ocean Class Home Learning Term 4:

Please complete 1 lesson from each of these sequences of learning each day.

Maths:  Complete the Multiplication and Division lessons found here.

English: Complete these lessons here and here.

Spelling: Complete these lessons here and here.

Geography: Complete these lessons here.

D.T:  Complete these lessons here.


Optional activities

44 engineering and science challenges from the engineers at Dyson

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl have 100 ebooks.  They produce the Tree Top books read by KS2 and Biff, Chip and Kipper books, amongst others which are read throughout the school.  They have a selection online which children can use to continue reading at an appropriate level.  You can search the books for your child’s age to help you narrow the selection down to appropriate choices.  Please contact your child’s teacher if you would like more support choosing appropriate books.


This website has lots of fun learning games and activities to find out about animals, habitats and biomes.

University of Manchester

The University have produces some online learning trails which children can use to extend their knowledge about different topics from Ancient Greeks, Space, Exercise, Teeth and many more topics.  These are a mixture of information, games and other activites to improve children’s subject knowledge in these areas.

Zentangle Art Projects

OS Map Puzzles to challenge your skills

Authorfy has been a really popular website for KS2 children and it provides a huge range of short writing tasks from their favourite authors.  These could be the perfect activity to fill a gap in a busy day or to inspire a writing task to spend more time editing and improving!  Click here to see the huge range of activities on offer.

Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra have been, and will continue to release videos throughout the holidays!  Our children have loved finding out more about different instruments.  Click here to find out more.