On this page you will find links to activities and resources that you can print and complete at home to help support your child with their learning from home, beyond that which has been set by their class teacher.  Please click on the blue link to access the required website.

White Rose Home Learning Activity Packs

The school use the White Rose Scheme of work to plan our Maths lessons.  They have produced some amazing resources to support parents in continuing their child’s learning from home.  On their website are learning activities arranged by year group, with a video to explain to you and your child the key learning points and follow up activities you can print and complete at home.  This is a hugely useful resource which we really recommend you use.


Twinkl is an extensive website with many printable resources for all curriculum areas.  Currently, you are able to register for a months free access (this may be extended) to enable you to access all of their resources.  This provides endless possibilities to suit children from Reception to Y6.  If you would like ideas for areas to target for your child, contact your child’s teacher via email to help you identify what to chose.  You will need the code CVDTWINKLHELPS to access this offer.

Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl have 100 ebooks.  They produce the Tree Top books read by KS2 and Biff, Chip and Kipper books, amongst others which are read throughout the school.  They have a selection online which children can use to continue reading at an appropriate level.  You can search the books for your child’s age to help you narrow the selection down to appropriate choices.  Please contact your child’s teacher if you would like more support choosing appropriate books.

Tom Palmer

The author Tom Palmer has a selection of free reading books on his website – scroll to the bottom of the page to access these texts.  He also has the first chapters of his books available at the top of the page.  Suitable for KS2, football/rugby/history themes.


This website has lots of fun learning games and activities to find out about animals, habitats and biomes.

University of Manchester

The University have produces some online learning trails which children can use to extend their knowledge about different topics from Ancient Greeks, Space, Exercise, Teeth and many more topics.  These are a mixture of information, games and other activites to improve children’s subject knowledge in these areas.

Sir Linkalot

This is a spelling app which can be downloaded from an app store for free, and at the moment there is a free code which can be used to enable children to practice their spellings.  To access this code follow the link and type in your details and a code will be sent to you so you can use the app.

TTS Home Learning Packs – There is a learning pack for each age group in the school.  These are printable sets of worksheet containing appropriate material for each age range – these will be most useful for Reception and KS1 children as the booklet for Mountain and Ocean spans a large age range.

Meadow Class Pack

Woodland Class Pack

Mountain and Ocean Class Pack

Oxford Owl

The Oxford University Press produce lots of educational material and have gathered a collection of free resources.  It is helpfully arranged by age category, and even includes a section on outdoor learning ideas.  Suitable for any age.

Read Write Inc

As well as the Ruth Miskin videos (see the video learning page) there are also lots of materials which you can access to continue supporting your child in learning phonics and reading from home.  There is a detailed parental guide with lots of videos and resources. This resource is most useful to Reception and KS1 pupils.

Farnham Rocks

Farnham Rocks is a local area family guide for Farnham – no where near hear I know and we aren’t meant to be travelling! However, they have converted lots of the events into online streaming videos e.g. You can currently find a performance of Wind in the Willows to view, a live family rave, Viking storytelling, daytime stories, live ballet lessons…I could go on! This site is VERY worth a visit!


Audible have offered a selection of books to listen to for free. The books are separated into six categories: “Littlest Listeners,” “Elementary,” “Tween,” “Teen,” “Literary Classics” and “Folk & Fairy Tales for All.” And you don’t even have to be a kid to enjoy them. The books available include “Heidi,” “Jane Eyre,” “Roots” and “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.”