Home learning for Year 5/6

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Children will be emailed work each weekday on Purple Mash via the emailing system (children have been shown this at school). I will be available on email via Purple Mash from 8.45am – 3.15pm as much as possible. Your child may email me questions about the work and I will support as much as I can. Work set via email could include specific questions/tasks related to our learning in class or activities on educational websites. Learning can be supported by using the following websites:

TTRockstars or Numbots (10 minutes a day)
ReadTheory (2 quizzes a day)
Spelling Shed (10 minutes a day)
Typing Club (optional)
The children have been sent home with their usernames and passwords to all of these.

I also strongly encourage children to read for at least 30 minutes a day. If they wish, they can then email me about their book updating me on the latest events!

To limit the amount of screen time, I will also be setting a diary project to be completed during school closures. As this is such a rare event, children should write an entry each day detailing how they have spent their day, any updates in the news, anything unusual happening locally (e.g. the local shop has run out of bread!) that might be interesting to look back on in 10 years’ time! They could even include photos or draw pictures to accompany the entries. Children who return completed diaries will be rewarded. I look forward to reading them when we return! If children are unwell, we obviously do not expect them to be completing the daily work, but
please let us know via their email that this is the case so we understand why we have not heard
from them.

In order to maintain the children’s understanding of key mathematical concepts, please see below a ‘maths knowledge organiser’ (KO) containing important mathematical facts that are covered in the KS2 curriculum. (Unfortunately the Year 5s haven’t covered all of these yet, but it will still be a good tool!)

UKS2 Maths Knowledge Organiser

I have made a ‘quiz’ which you are welcome to use in the same way I have done with previous classes: the children answer the quiz questions, the adults mark it and use the incorrect answers to identify which areas need ‘highlighting’ on the KO. The children could then be regularly quizzed on these highlighted areas to help them retain the information.

UKS2 Maths Knowledge Organiser quiz

I have also made a Kahoot quiz to help children revise these concepts.

Please feel free to ask me any questions if you wish to use the knowledge organiser as a revision at home.