Homework + help for task 1 (due Fri 25th Sept)

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This term’s homework: Homework letter Aut1 2020

How did the Anglo-Saxons change life in Britain?

Your task is to write down as much as you can remember from our history lessons about the Anglo-Saxons. There are a list of questions below to guide you with what to write. You can research the answers if you can’t remember.

As a challenge, it would be great if you could organise your writing into paragraphs to create an ‘essay’ to answer the title question! You may not be able to finish this homework task until the week it is due as we may not have learnt about all the answers to the questions until then. Please submit this homework online, either by typing it up or taking a photo of a handwritten piece of work and emailing it to me.

• When did the Anglo-Saxons and Scots come to Britain?
• How did the country change during this time?

Paragraph 1
• Who was Gildas and what did he write?
• Who was Bede and what did he write?
• What was the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle?

Paragraph 2
• Who was invading Britain in 410 CE?
• Why were they invading?
• Why did Vortigern invite the Anglo-Saxons to England?

Paragraph 3
• How did the Anglo- Saxons live?
• Would it have been an easy life?
• What jobs would most people do?

Paragraph 4
• Which Gods did the Anglo-Saxons worship?
• What festivals did they celebrate?
• How did Christianity return to England?

Paragraph 5
• How many Kingdoms were there in England?
• Who was Offa and what did he build?
• What weapons would the Anglo-Saxons use?

Paragraph 6
• Who was King Alfred and why was he important?
• Why did the Vikings invade England?
• How did the Anglo-Saxons try to defend themselves?

• How was life different to when the Romans were in charge of Britain?
• How was it different to life now?