Forest School – Ocean Class

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Ocean Class had their final session with ‘Little Wild Things’ today.  It was a fantastic session, and all the children became very immersed in the subject.  They were tasked with creating their own den to survive in, having been shipwrecked on an island.

In a separate area, they learnt some essential skills to help them e.g. fire lighting, and they also sharpened a stick (to roast a marshmallow on over a fire – a little less than an essential skill but one which they all enjoyed!).

The children decorated their dens, prepared somewhere to cook their own food, and some groups even made porridge and other “edibles” from items found around our forest school area.  They also enjoyed decorating themselves using charcoal.

Finally, a storm arrived on the island and tested the construction of their dens!  This was actually Mrs Drake with a watering can, but thankfully all the children survived as their dens withstood the rainfall.



All the children loved the session and showed great teamwork skills.  We thank Will and Charlotte, the instructors from ‘Little Wild Things’ as Ocean Class have had a fabulous few weeks with them.