Eco-Committee update – March 2023

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Today our Eco-Committee provided an update on the action plans for the year in a whole school assembly. Issues covered were –

  • The new ‘Book Swap’ box – we have a new box in the entrance hall where children can deposit and remove books as they wish to enable everyone to have access to new reading material. The books in the box have ‘withdrawn’ written inside them so they don;t get confused with our school library books
  • The printer cartridge recycling system – we now have a box in the Dell for used home printer cartridges which can be sent off for recycling and help us to earn funds for school at the same time
  • The ‘Big Battery Hunt’ – we now have a large collecting box in the Dell for used batteries as we are joining in with this nationwide initiative to keep batteries out of our rubbish bins
  • The pen recycling box – where all old pens can be deposited for recycling

The Eco-Committee also reported back on the work they have been doing around food waste in school. Last term the team visited all of the classes to ask their opinions about school dinners. They also interviewed Marie, our cook, about the processes involved in ordering, cooking and dealing with food waste. As a result of the investigations the group have decided to ask children –

  • To check the school meals menu on the website regularly to ensure they are happy with the choices before they order
  • To tell Marie how big they would like their portion to be (within reason) so no food is wasted
  • To ask for the vegetables they prefer from the options given rather take ones they know they don’t like
  • To use the new ‘Suggestions’ box at the servery to thank Marie for the food they enjoy and to make suggestions for things they would like to see in the future

It was a very informative assembly and the children asked lots of questions. Well done to the Eco-Committee who continue to work hard on the issues that really matter.