Pupils:  Year 1 and 2

Teacher: Mrs Claire Durbin (Monday-Wednesday)  Mrs Karina Jacoby (Thursday-Friday)

Teaching Assistants:  Miss Lisa Williams

Woodland Long Term Plan 2020-21

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Teachers and Teaching Assistants

The Woodland Class contains Year 1 and Year 2 children. The children in this class have Miss Williams as their full time teaching assistant and she supports groups and individuals during the day.

General Information

We work on the development of our reading, spelling, writing and mathematics skills each morning and have topic based afternoon sessions with a different focus for different subject areas over the term. These cross-curricular topics develop Scientific skills, knowledge of History, Geography and ICT and also include creative development (Art and DT), PE and Music. Our classroom has a construction corner, library area and creative area where children can model and paint. All of these areas are used by children all day long when they have times of free choice.

We are fortunate enough to have an outdoor learning area adjoining our classroom which is used by children in The Woodland and The Meadow. This space is used for group teaching, independent challenges and child-initiated activities. The children have access to a wide range of outdoor resources to enhance their development in all areas of learning.

As a church school we place a strong focus on the development of knowledge of the Christian faith and the appreciation and understanding of other religions. We say grace together at lunchtime and the children take turns to say or sing a prayer to finish the school day.

We follow the whole school behaviour policy and children are constantly praised and rewarded for excellent behaviour, work and effort in a variety of ways. They often receive stickers and certificates and may be sent to Miss Hastings to show her their work!

We have very high expectations for both behaviour and learning. Children are encouraged to take a range of responsibilities in the classroom and are given jobs such as ‘cloakroom monitor’ and ‘librarian’. Everyone is expected to help staff to get out and put away equipment and to ensure that a classroom remains a tidy, well-organised learning area. Children are supported and encouraged to talk about times when relationships break down; to listen to one another’s views and feelings and to make appropriate reparations and build bridges when necessary.