Pupils:  Years 3 & 4

Teachers:  Mrs Karina Bell – covering maternity leave

Teaching Assistants:    Mrs Karen Young, Mr Derek Jones, Mrs Louise White and Mrs Jo Keene

Long Term Topic Plan 2021 – 2022

Topic Long Term Plan 2022/2023

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Teachers & Teaching Assistants

The Ocean Class contains the Year 3 and 4 children and is taught by Mrs Bell. The class has four teaching assistants, Mrs Young and Mr Jones who provide additional support to all children through group and individual sessions and Mrs Keene and Mrs White who provide 1-1 support.

General Information

The week is timetabled to provide at least an hour of English and Maths every day, with the rest of the subjects largely taught through topic work. Each day the children have a basic skills support session, where they work on a variety of activities designed to support and supplement their learning by building up their spelling, grammar, reading and mental mathematics skills. The afternoon is spent working on topic through a range of interesting and stimulating enquiry activities.

If you feel that you, a member of your family or a friend would have something to contribute to any of the topic work please consult the class teacher who is always happy to have input from outside the classroom.

As a church school we place a strong focus on the development of their knowledge of the Christian faith and the appreciation and understanding of other religions. We say grace together at lunchtime and the children take turns to say a prayer to finish the school day.

We in the Ocean Classroom follow the whole school behaviour policy; we reward good behaviour!