Celebrating National Poetry Day 2021

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National Poetry Day s a UK-wide celebration of poetry which takes place annually on the first Thursday of each October. The aim is to encourage everyone to enjoy, discover and share poetry.

We held a special assembly to share the poetry work which had been completed in class and everyone got to listen to some wonderful pieces of poetry.

The Mountains Class recited a classic poem by William Blake written in 1789 entitled ‘The Schoolboy’ and they explained about what the poet might have been exploring through his work.

Some of The Ocean Class read out their own pieces of poetry, which were written in the form of a Kenning. Kennings are phrases of two words that replace a noun in poetry. They usually describe what a person, idea or object is or does.

The assembly finished with some pieces of poetry read aloud by members of staff. The children were encouraged to keep exploring poetry through their own book choices and to take on the challenge of learning a poem off-by-heart to share with others.