At Great Rollright we are exceptionally proud of all our learners.  But, each week we recognise and celebrate children who go above and beyond our expectations.  Children are rewarded for this with a Gold Book Certificate.  At present, we are unable to meet as a school to celebrate this in our usual Celebration Assembly, so we are sharing this news each week on this section of the website.  We will also announce the winners of the Timestable Rockstars certificates and the Numbots certificates, as well as any other important rewards, e.g. certificates or achievements made outside of school.


Children can earn a Gold Book award in one of 5 categories linked to the characteristics of a Good Shepherd which we have based our school ethos around.  These are:

  • Good Shepherd as a learner – they demonstrate deep understanding and a mastery of what they have been taught
  • Good Shepherd as a friend – they demonstrate respect, love and care to their peers as well as behave in an inclusive manner
  • Good Shepherd as a guide – they demonstrate strong morals and are a good role model
  • Good Shepherd as a protector – they demonstrate behaviours which look after our school environment and perhaps even the local area or global environment
  • Good Shepherd as an enabler – they demonstrate a growth mindset and believe that they are able to succeed with effort to achieve their best


September 16th Winners:

Congratulations to this weeks worthy winners of Gold Book certificates.  They are:







September 9th Winners:

Many congratulations go to our first recipients of the new awards who are: