At Great Rollright, we have a carefully sequenced 3D curriculum.  All classes work on the same topic theme at the same time, but explore different aspects of it.  These themes and specific areas of learning have been carefully selected to be relevant to our community, local area and have been sequenced to ensure a progression of knowledge and skills through children’s time at the school.


Our first topic this academic year has been ‘Rebellion’.  Our youngest learners in the Meadow Class, have learnt about the rebels of the high seas – Pirates.  In the Woodland Class, they studied Guy Fawkes and why he was part of a rebellion against the goverment which we still remember today on Bonfire Night.  In Ocean Class, they studied Boudicca and why she led a rebellion against the Roman’s who had invaded Britain and were making huge changes to British culture, including changes we can still see evidence of toady.  Finally, in Mountain Class, they studied the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and considered the impact they had on life in Britain.


Ocean Class:


Click here to see some more of the work produced in Ocean Class during this topic.


Mountain Class:

Click here to see some of the work produced in Mountain Class during this topic.