Litter picking!

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In Mountains class, we have been learning about deforestation and plastic pollution. We have written persuasive letters to our local MP, Robert Courts, to ask him to do something about the amount of litter in our local area. On Tuesday, … Continued

Netball tournament

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On Wednesday, a group of Year 5s and 6s represented our school at the Chipping Norton Partnership Schools netball tournament, which took place at Chipping Norton school. Our girls team came 2nd and our boys team came 3rd. Finley, Seb, … Continued

Representing division

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Year 5 have been learning how to divide a 2-digit by a 1-digit number, with and without remainders, using place value counters and diagrams. We have also learnt to check our calculations using the inverse. We even wrote on the … Continued

Investigating friction

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In science lessons in Mountains class, we are learning about forces. So far, we have learnt that: A force is a push or a pull that causes something to change speed, direction or shape. Gravity (discovered by Isaac Newton) is … Continued

Dance workshop

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Mountains class had a dance workshop with Dennis Victory today. Dennis is an experienced choreographer with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry. He taught us a short routine and then gave us a demo at the end!

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